Tuesday, June 2, 2020


by Maggie Sefton

This week, I'm posting another tease about the  2nd in my Molly Malone political suspense series.

POISONED POLITICS—The second book in NYT bestselling author Maggie Sefton’s gripping political suspense series---

In POISONED POLITICS, readers learn that Molly Malone has not only gotten on the Bad Guys' radar screen, she's now front and center-----  

Beltway doyenne Samantha Calhoun has learned many lessons in a lifetime of politics, and she relishes teaching certain young congressmen everything she knows.  But when her latest fling, married U.S. Representative Quentin Wilson, is found dead in Samantha's home, she turns to longtime friend Molly Malone for support. 

Putting to use her many well-positioned connections, Molly learns that Wilson had been researching a financial bill sponsored by a veiled coalition of politicians---the same bill that her niece Karen Grayson was investigating when she was murdered.  Picking up the trail where Grayson and Wilson left off, Molly fears she will be the next victim of the shadowy cabal's insatiable appetite for power.

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