Monday, June 15, 2020


By Mary Kennedy                                                   

This is a photo of Yogi, my grand-dog, visiting his girlfriend, Zoey. Proof that even with Co-Vid, love finds a way! Yogi sees Zoey almost every day (True confession time. He plays the field and is also involved with her sister, Tilley) They walk together (observing social distancing as much as they can), and except for an occasional nose-to-nose greeting, they do not touch.

I started to think about how we maintain friendships in the time of Co-Vid. Certainly I've always kept in touch with a far flung group of friends and relatives by e-mail, and now I find I've upped my game. Instead of waiting until I have enough "news" to warrant an e-mail, I send a quick photo (like the one above) by text. Sometimes I get a quick reply, like Cute!" or a smiley face.

Jokes and cartoons are making the rounds more than ever and I forward those too.  The news is grim and who wouldn't want a laugh or chuckle to brighten their day? Political jokes are touchy so I try to avoid those.

As people spend more time at home, I find that more readers are contacting me with questions about their own writing projects. I try to give helpful advice and never chastise anyone for not doing more, or writing more. The truth is we all could "do" more, but sometimes it's hard to get motivated when things seem to be collapsing all around us. I've learned over the years that people do what they can, in writing as in other pursuits.

I'll print the most interesting questions in upcoming blogs, the questions that have a universal appeal. (Of course, some writing questions may have a universal appeal, but are simply unanswerable. In a time of financial uncertainty, I'm getting a lot of questions like, "So realistically, how much can I make from my first book?")

Unanswerable because I don't have a crystal ball.  I can barely predict what I will make on a book, it's impossible for me to predict what your book will make (assuming it sells.) 

 I'm receiving a lot more texts and e-mails than before the virus.  At least forty or fifty a day. I wonder if you are, too? Is everyone feeling the lack of social connectedness and wants desperately to make contact in some way? Some of you are taking classes on line, and I wondered how that was going? Do you find it helpful, or do you miss the in person interaction with your instructor and your classmates?

Drop a line if you feel inclined, and stay safe everyone!

Mary Kennedy

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