Thursday, June 18, 2020

Let's Turn This Year Around

by Gayle Leeson

I don't think the first half of 2020 has been easy for any of us. So let's work together to make the second half wonderful!

1. Enjoy the Cozy Chicks month of giveaways in July!

2. Make having to wear masks fun. I got these from Zazzle: one for self-promotion (that's PERILS AND LACE), one that's artsy--Monet's water lilies, and a funny one (a smiling mouth). I put it on, and my son said, "Please don't wear that out anywhere." LOL

3. Tell me in the comments what books, movies, and games you're enjoying. I'm reading craft books at the moment, and I recently watched the movie Yesterday. My son and I have also been watching some of the classics we've missed, so we've watched Fight Club and Jaws. We've been watching Doc Martin, Barry, and Psych too. And I'm glad Grantchester is back.

As for games, we've been playing Spades. The best part of that is having the entire family gathered around the table chatting while we play. Oh, and our choice of "cigars" are really good too.

4. What social media, are you following? On Instagram, I'm loving :

5. Where are you going? My son and I have been walking at a local park in the evenings. It's so nice to get outside and enjoy some fresh air.

6. What are you doing to show yourself some love? I ordered this Beauty Box from Target. Only $7, and it's all about nails.

7. What made you laugh today? This bulldog all buckled in and ready to roll did the trick for me.

So, let's enjoy the little things and start the second half of 2020 off optimistically! 😃


Laura said...

Haven’t been playing many games (maybe that’ll come) but have been reading lots (not new) and watching a few movies. The most recent movie I watched (last night) was Crazy Rich Asians, which I had already seen but my parents hadn’t and I watched it with them. The most recent movie I watched that I hadn’t seen (last week?) was The Heat, starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.

As for books, two that I’ve finished recently are Father Figure by James Cudney and It Started with a Secret by Jill Mansell. Father Figure was actually a read for a virtual book club and that was a lot of fun to do. I’ve never done a book club like that, virtual or in person, before and it was quite the experience. (This one was on Zoom so there was video of the club as well, so I stand by my statement that I hadn’t done something similar before, even though you, Gayle, had a somewhat similar online event for a book release, there was no Zoom/video component.) was very interesting to talk to the author and the other attendees about the book. And we discussed who we would cast in a movie, if one were to be made of the book. It was fun.

Where have I been going? I don’t go out unless I have to. I am in a couple high-risk medical situations and I just am not comfortable going out if I don’t have to right now. So I pretty much only go out for medical appointments, though some more stuff is opening here in Alberta now. (We started Phase 2 reopening on Friday.)

Something different that I have done though is trying my hand at cheese-making. Which would have happened, novel coronavirus or not. My dad and I had talked about both wanting to try it before the holidays in 2019 but we didn’t make any until this year. What ultimately gave us the push to get started was a local cheesemaking company was selling Feta kits around Easter and then also did a cook-along video tutorial on Facebook Live. And we got one of the kits because Feta is my dad’s favourite cheese. We made our cheese a different day after watching the tutorial though. But it turned out really well. I was impressed with us and I hope we make more cheese of another kind soon. I’d super get another kit, that made it so easy.

Gayle said...

Laura, that's fantastic! I've never heard of either of the books--I'll have to check them out. I loved Crazy Rich Asians and The Heat. Have you seen Miss Congeniality (oldie but goodie with Sandra Bullock) and Spy with Melissa McCarthy? Both are funny. Sending you virtual hugs!

Laura said...

I don’t see a way to reply to a specific comment so I’ll just post a new one. Yes, I have seen both Miss Congeniality and Spy. I like MC, my favourite Sandra Bullock movie is While You Were Sleeping. I like a lot of SB movies, though. I liked CRA as well. I haven’t read the books it’s based on but I would def try them. Big fan of Constance Wu (Rachel) and Ken Jeong (the dad of the best friend, I don’t know his name.)

It Started with a Secret is just new, out only a couple of weeks, I believe. I had an ARC of it so that’s why I’ve read it already. And Father Figure came out in April of 2018. I’m not positive about April but I am sure it was 2018 because that was the year I started reading that author and it was already out before October, which was when my awareness of Jay and his work started. And when the Zoom book club event was announced, I figured it would give me the push I needed to finally finish that book, which was the only one of Jay’s that I hadn’t finished up to that point. I definitely recommend both authors. (Jay also writes cozy mysteries, like you, and those are my favourites of his. FF and his other almost stand-alone, Watching Glass Shatter, are great, though.)

Virtual hugs back!