Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Getting Together...or not so much.

Hi, Duffy Brown here.
I’ve been pretty good with this distancing thing due to the virus. No grandkids, especially now that they are all back to daycare and camps, always wear my mask when shopping, washing my hands, washing my hands, washing my hands. You get the picture and you’ve probably been doing pretty much the same thing.
Well today is my coming out party...sort of. I’m having a friend for lunch. I really want to chat with a friend over more than the phone or on text. Human companionship once in a while is a good thing.
So here goes. My friend Stevie is coming for lunch. I’m getting
Panera, we’re eating outside at my six-foot long picnic table and talking. Like all good friends we always have something fun to chat about.
I chat with my kids all the time but it’s nice to talk it up with someone my own age, who knows the songs I used to listen to on the radio, remembers life before IP...that’s before iPhone...and grew up reading Nancy Drew.
I’m going to see how this goes and if all is well I intend to do a weekly invite to lunch with other friends at the picnic table. So have you started to resocialize a bit? Gotten together with a friends or kids at a six foot distance or are you playing it safe and hibernating till all this virus stuff blows over for real.
Have a good day. Turn off the news, play music, sing and dance or just dig in the garden. Digging is a good thing.
Hugs, Duffy

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Rachelle21 said...

I would love to have lunch with you. Even if it were over Zoom.