Tuesday, May 19, 2020


by Maggie Sefton

Goodness, I had no idea we folks here in Northern Colorado would still be wearing warmer clothes in May this year. You folks might be living in Florida or the Southern states or Florida and already have switched out your wardrobe.  Not  here in Northern Colorado.  Not yet.  I'm still wearing slacks and long-sleeved  warmer shirts.  Of course,
 I do feel cold weather faster than a lot of people, but, really,  I'm getting tired of this.

W still have our gorgeous sunny, sunny days and our Colorado Blue skies every day now, but we've been spoiled over the years.  We've gotten used to warm days in the  80s during the month of May.  The chillier 60 degree days and chillier nights  have become more than annoying, and they bring back all the annoying comments about the weather we've heard over the years.

But to be completely honest, the most annoying thing going on  now is the CORONA VIRUS EPIDEMIC that has taken control of everyone's daily routines.  I don't know how you folks feel, but I feel like  a prisoner whose sentenced to serve time in my home.  Now. . .don't get me wrong.  My home is very nice indeed.  But all of us have been used to spending time in our homes AND in various other places during the day----like grocery stores, gyms and fitness centers, shopping centers, as well as visiting friends, family, and others who brighten our days.  AND---most important, that awful virus has taken away the majority of most people's travel plans.

Now. . .you folks know how much I love to travel.  Plus, I have all of my family back East in Northern Virginia.  Three of my four daughters plus all seven of my grandchildren are there.  And I definitely miss them.  Thank goodness Daughter #2, Melissa, came to Northern Colorado last Fall and rented an apartment.  My daughters won't admit it, but I'm sure Melissa was assigned the "Watching Over Mom" assignment.  :)   It's been great to have her here.

But both Melissa and I are addicted traavelers, and we're marking time with this Corona Virus epidemic.  Of course, I'm graateful  that I'm very healthy and have no physical conditions which would make that Virus hazardous to my health.  I certainly hope all of you are healthy as well.  This virus is supposed to have run its course by September-----or that's what the medical professionals say.  Le'ts hope they're right.

Let me know how you're doing on Facebook.  And send animal photos if you have them.


Tom Burns said...

My life has changed little because of the pandemic. I've always preferred my own company, and that of my family, so staying at home is not a hardship. I am somewhat apprehensive because I am at high risk for complications if I get the virus, but living life is always a risk - we normally just don't appreciate that. I am somewhat disappointed because it was my intention to attend more conferences and literary festivals this year, but c'est la vie.

Nina Aisna said...

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