Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Pets...our BFF. Maybe!

Bring you pet to workday had suddenly taken on a whole new meaning. With this virus thing it’s more like pets take us to there work. We are on their turf!
At least that’s the way Spooky and Dr. Watson see it. I’m taking up entirely too much of their space. My fave chair is actually their fave chair and they let me know. I leave it and they take it along with an evil eye of what do you thin you’re doing.
And there’s nap time...which is day time to a cat. Vacuuming is not welcome in the middle of the day. More of the evil eye. And the feeding schedule is off, way off. If I work late and don’t get up till late I so hear about it. Lots of meowing and not the good kind.
But I have to admit it’s nice to have Watson and Spooky around these working days even if I am on their territory. I’m sure they don’t see it that way but hey, I pay the bills so they have to cut me some slack for sure. 

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Rachelle21 said...

I am sure my cats want places to allow me to volunteer again. I am home unless I volunteer somewhere, go to a club meeting, or to eat out. They have me home almost full time and I wonder if they would like me to leave more often than I do. I get my mail from my post office box, shop for groceries, or pick up food. They are getting more treats. But, I miss the people I normally see and want to get out more.