Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Dirt Digger on a roll

Hi, Duffy Brown here. Now that we are all locked in and at home it’s the perfect time to garden. Okay, gardening has always been my thing anyway but this year even more so with no place to go.
I’ve been a dirt-digger as long as I can remember. Even as a kid I just loved flowers. I think it came from my grandfather, Angelo. He was from Italy and the man could grow anything. He was all green-thumbs.
 He grew figs here in Cincy that were big and delih. He had an apricot tree that put out the most delish fruit imaginable. He had dahlias as big as dinner plates and roses that smelled like heaven on earth. 
When my husband and I moved to our new house 45 years ago there was nothing but grass. We planted and planted and planted and we never stopped. My house now is surrounded by huge trees, 48 hostas, roses, evergreens, tall grasses, dogwoods, and on and on and on. Every year I add to it. This year I hired guys to put in some larger trees. I just can’t dig or haul like that any longer.
But now it’s annual time. Time to plant those flowers that only last one season, bloom May to October and give the garden that special splash.
I have planted tons...literally...of annual flowers over the years and now have my list of faves. My never-fail list of flowers that require little work, don’t succumb to blights, and give color like no other.
My latest find is Sunpatiens. Dang, these things are magic flowers. They bloom and bloom and bloom and all I do is water them and add miracle-grow...thy is a miracle. And Sunpatiens  grow in sun and shade and spread like mad.
For deep shade it’s Dragon Wing Begonia. They have large clusters of flowers and big shiny leaves. Vinca is always a winner too.
I have Becky daisies and black-eyed Susans that bloom all season long and catnip and day lilies that come back year after year and make me oh so happy.

So what about you? Are you a dirt-digger? Got a fave perennial? Annual? Secret garden tip you’d like to share?
Happy gardening. Hugs, Duffy. 

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Tonette Joyce said...

I used to.I got into small-space and container gardening when I had a townhouse in Colorado.The homeowner' association newsletter always mentioned our address as an example of what a tiny front lawn/deck should look like, (in the back behind a privacy fence, there was more, including vegetables.
When we moved here to Kenticky, I did not have the same experience, but my life changed several times and the time was not there for vegs, but I did have a lot of flowers. I have had health problems and they have stopped me. Most years I tell myself that more flowers need to come back and an herb garden needs to come in. However, other mammals seem to insist on making it difficult:the moles have eaten all my lily, dahlia and crocus bulbs. We have more rabbits and at least one woodchuck. I don't know that it is worth the effort to put in more.