Tuesday, April 28, 2020


by Maggie Sefton

I was just about to write my Tuesday post on another subject when I clicked on our Cozy Chicks Blog and saw Mary Kennedy's caring post on the passing of one of our Fiction-Writing authors who was a Gem----Sheila Connolly.   She was a wonderful writer.  

Oh, my oh, my----did that bring back a flood of memories.  Sheila and I began writing  Romance fiction around the same time----when the genre was gaining readers and growing and growing until it occupied 51% or 52% of all Fiction sold in the United States.  That was a heady time indeed, take my word for it.  Sheila and I were fortunate in that we both gained publication around the same time, too.

That was the era where it was important to do as many book signings as posssible in bookstores all over the country, if we could.  It was a great way to meet new readers and make new friends as well as re-connect with old friends.   That also required doing a LOT of travel.  Fortunately, I've always enjoyed traveling and still do. Large book conferences were scheduled every year in major U.S. cities, which I always enjoyed.  

Sheila usually attended the same conferences that I did, so we got to see each other along with our fellow writers.  I have always enjoyed meeting old friends and associates.  Again, I am very sorry to hear of Sheila's  passing.  Blessings, Sheila.

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