Saturday, April 11, 2020

Looking Back Can Ground You

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

Debuting in just six day (April 17th), A LOOK BACK, the 8th installment in the Life on Victoria Square companion series to the Victoria Square Mysteries.

Why did I decide to investigate what it was that drove Katie Bonner to take over Artisans Alley? Perhaps it's because she has grown as a character. After the collapse of her marriage, she was living an unhappy life, in a job she detested, and because of that, she lost confidence in herself and her abilities.  But she is and always was a strong woman. But it wasn't until she was given a challenge she couldn't refuse that she stepped up to not only own and operate Artisans Alley, but to buy and operate a teashop -- and all while solving crimes!

You go, Katie!

Here's a brief description of the story.

On the anniversary of her great Aunt Lizzie’s death, Katie Bonner reflects on the course of events that led her to be the custodian of Artisan’s Alley--from the moment her husband took their savings and invested it in a dying business to the death of its founder, Ezra Hilton. And it’s with tears of sadness and joy that Katie contemplates her uncertain future.

This story takes place just before the events in the Victoria Square Mystery (#7) A Murderous Misconception but may be read as a stand-alone introduction to the series.

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Will you be reading A Look Back?

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