Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Would you wear that?

Duffy Brown here. To liven things up...and because I just love spring...I thought I’d write something on spring fashion. Time to put away the browns and blacks and bring out mauve, some blues, a touch of yellow. So I looked up 2020 spring fashion. 
Every time I do this I think Sweet Lord above who would wear this stuff! I know Cincinnati is not NYC but really?? Take a look at what is in for 2020 Spring Fashion. Would you wear these chunky shoes and call it fashion? I call it shoes to clean out the garage.
Faux leather jumpsuit? Only if I was in the military and jumping out of a plane and needed to protect my sorry ass.
Square-toed heels?? Maybe? And bucket style bags are in but it’s too much like hauling around a bucket. And then there’s the chunky gold chain look? It looks heavy and well...clunky.
So none of this new spring fashion stuff for 2020 will work for me.
It’s back to Chico’s! I love Chico’s. The pants fit, all the colors work together, they have good sales and I love the stores. Chico’s is truly my go-to store. It’s for women of a certain age, at least that store is for this person of a certain age.
My question to you is... Do you have a fave store where you shop? Someplace you can go into and pretty much find a style that works for you?
Happy Spring and Happy Shopping from Duffy Brown!

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Rachelle21 said...

Wellsboro has a family-owned department store. I usually look for items on sale. They carry Alfred Dunner and I like the way their pants fit. Walmart was carrying Just My Size but went to a different brand. Leather Jumpsuit may help if you were to ride a motorcycle.