Friday, March 6, 2020

Tomboys and teacups

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

I have a bad habit of goofing off. (Oops. Mind you, I'm still getting a lot of work done, but I'm still goofing off.) I spend the most time goofing off looking at pretty pictures on Pinterest and other online places. OMG -- I lose hours just looking at teacup and other afternoon tea-type pictures.

Sometimes all you need to cheer you up is a pretty picture. The picture to the right looks awfully pretty to me.

I grew up a tomboy wedged between brothers, never thinking I'd be enamored by stuff like teacups, doilies, and flowers. I spent a lot of time growing up reading. My parents bought us some kind of "adventure" encyclopedia (2 volumes) and it told about wonderful places and people doing all kinds of wonderful things.

I never really cared for dresses and haven't worn one since my cousin got married over two decades ago. (Admittedly, it was a very pretty dress. In fact, so pretty, it was exactly the same dress as the mother of the groom wore. I got my dress at Kauffman's (tells you how long ago that was) and she got hers at Lord & Taylor. She wasn't at all pleased.)

Did I turn into my mother? Not exactly. She wasn't into teacups (although she was given a tea set by my maternal grandmother). Mum was a crafter who made beautiful quilts, could knit up a storm, and was a good cook (but not a great baker. Nope. She was missing that gene and usually used mixes for cakes, etc.) She was also the nicest, most thoughtful person anyone ever knew.

I missed the crafty gene and ended up being a writer, and wanted to be one from the time I was seventeen. I get to write about adventures and teacups.

Are you a transformed tomboy?


Unknown said...

I am both. I like building, crafting, sewing and beautiful frilly lace and teapots.

Patti said...

I was a little of both. I loved climbing trees until my fearful Mom put a stop to it. She was terrified of heights. She did manage to instill that fear into each of her four children. I was, and still am, a bit like your Mom. I started needlework projects at around 10 years old doing things like crewel, embroidery, and needlepoint. Eventually, I added things like crochet and knitting. I also am a lousy baker. But, like you, I prefer slacks to dresses.