Wednesday, March 4, 2020


Hi, Duffy Brown here

It’s March and for me that’s the end of winter. Okay, I know snow is still a possibility and maybe even ice and short are a long way off but heck March is close to April and that’s really spring and I’m going with it.

Winter is okay but I really love spring. The first feel of warm sun, the earth starts to warm up and I start putting away my really dark winter clothes...not that I have many...but now I can wear bright colors and not feel so out of place. I look horrid in winter colors. Browns, blacks, tans...UGH. I can do a little of navy but only if it has a lot of white. 

Pre-spring as I think of March is a great time to watch the sales. A fab time to pick up a new sweater or coat or boots for next year at a fraction of the cost. It’s also March Madness but my contribution to that is mostly smiling and nodding the saying Yeah, that’s a great team...though I no idea.

But the best part of spring for me is the flower catalogues. I’m starting to plan my garden. See what new flowers are on the market, what colors to plant where and maybe switch things up a little. And maybe all in a veggie or two...I’m sure the deer would appreciate the variety!

So what about you? Does March make your little ol’ heart go putty-pat in anticipation of warmer weather on the way? Do you have a fav spring thing? 


Tonette Joyce said...

I do like seeing Spring coming for the GREEN.It's very bleak here in the winter with lifeless -looking trees. There are many Redbud trees which line the roads and quite a few Dogwoods that also show-off through the greening branches.
I bought two coats recently at one time on hige clearance; I had not picked up a coat FOR MYSELF in ages, but I do take advantage of those sales for kids,(now the grandkids).
I am NOT looking forward to heat. Spring brings on mixed emotions, because my wall oven heats most of my house, so once the A/C comes on, I simply do not use it. I will be baking and freezing for a while now.

Angela Hood-Ross said...

I love March. It's the month I married my love. And it's the month that brings in rain and a little bit warmer temperatures to get the flowers going. Just like you, I love my spring clothes rather than the drab winter ones. I've already started going through my closet. :)

Ashley Montgomery said...

Yes! The closer we get to spring the better for me. I'm a summertime girl!

Rachelle21 said...

I like St Patrick's Day probably because I love lemon-lime green. This is the time of year to go back to Daylight Savings Time. The only bad part is March Madness - I am not into ranking basketball teams.