Wednesday, March 25, 2020 it or leave it.

My kids and I were talking, and now that we are all stuck at it or hate it...we need (or should need) to think about exercise so that when we get back to the real world of people, no sweat pants, wearing jeans and shorts (Lord have mercy) we are not four-hundred pounds of Oreos and doughnuts. Lordy, that was a long sentence.
My kids take this exercise thing to heart but me... Well then there’s me. It means I have to get up and do something...anything to not get writers’ butt along with a ton of other ailments.
So the question is what to do? Cleaning the house they say is a pretty good workout but I’ve only gotten that info second hand.
“But, Mom,” my kids say. “Use the treadmill we got you last Christmas.” But that would mean unearthing the thing from stacks of books, removing the hanging cat toys to entertain Dr. Watson and Spooky and removing two sweaters hung there to dry. My sweaters really do need to dry and then there’s what to do with the books.
But I gave in and bought a yoga mat and DVD. It’s purple...the mat not the tape. And the girl on front of the box looks happy and in really good shape. Both mat and DVD are sitting on my table for two weeks but since this we’ll probably have to be inside for two more I got time, right?

Then there’s Leslie Sansone walking DVD the kids got me for my birthday. I think there’s a message here. Sure enough there it was in the back of my closet dusty and unopened. It’s the Big Burn tape. The title reminds me of steak or Cajun or maybe an unfortunate hamburger that I’d eat anyway when I wasn’t vegan.
So what about you now that you’re stuck inside? Do you Love exercise or Leave it? Do you have DVDs? Walk? Run? Zumba? Walk the dog. Drag the cat? Forget the whole mess?  


Unknown said...

I have been doing the Leslie Sansone walks for years. No going out in bad weather, no going to the gym with people who spend more on their workout clothes than I do on my regular clothes! She's very cheerful, which is OK. You just have to keep trying until you find one you like. One of the best things about it for those of us who aren't spring chickens is that it improves our balance.(70 yrs old here)

Lorraine Bartlett said...

I love the Leslie Sansone DVDs and have about 10. I was going to start exercising yesterday, but then I decided to wash the dishes (by hand) instead. Yup, I really need to load the DVD player.