Thursday, March 26, 2020

Business As Usual?

Although none of us are experiencing life as we usually know it, I work from home, so the social distancing restrictions haven't had much of an impact on my day-to-day life. Let me take you through a typical day:

• Get out of bed; feed the cats; give the dog a treat; Bible study; skim mail; try not to procrastinate; procrastinate; get ready: go to work at the desk or armchair, depending on where I am in my current WIP.

  • Walk Cooper, visit with any human or pet who comes out to say hello. Get back to work.
  • Visit with family; work again after they go to bed. 
I must admit I've had a few atypical days. But, if you know me, you understand these are pretty normal for me too. 

On Monday of this week, I decided we should make a grocery store run to restock our pantry. This, after seeing empty shelves on the local news and not wanting to contribute to hoarding mentality, but wanting to ensure my family would have plenty of food should we be quarantined.
As my husband and I perused the shelves, we were surprised at some of the items in short supply, such as bread. "I'll get some frozen bread dough, I said. When we got to the freezer section, I thought at first I was going to have to settle for roll dough. But, no! There, pushed to the back of the freezer was one package of bread dough. I got as far into the freezer that I could, but I still couldn't reach. 

"Tim!" I called, hoping he hadn't wandered off. "Help me! I can't get it!" 

He hadn't wandered away. He came to stand by me in the freezer. "What are you trying to reach?" I told him, and he easily snagged the last three-loaf package of bread dough. Score!

 A woman Tim works with was approaching, so I walked away leaving them to talk. I apologized to Tim in the car saying, "You looked fine. I, on the other hand, looked like a no-makeup, crazy-haired hoarder who'd been standing in a freezer. I'll talk with her the next time we see her... if I look nicer."

I brought home our pantry staples, and you know what? The kids have already dug into them! You know what else? Some of that stuff is looking pretty good to me too.

UPDATE: I write these blog posts early, so I won't forget to post. Today (March 20), I posted this in my Gayle Leeson Cozy Mystery Author Facebook group:

Do something that will make you happy. Yesterday evening, I was in the grocery store with my son. I spotted something I really wanted but thought I shouldn't waste money on. But I wanted it! 

I told my son, "Flip an imaginary coin." 

He said, "Tails." 

I said, "Okay." 

He said, "What are you not buying now?" 

I smiled because he knows me so well. "Those pink roses." 

"Get them," he said. 

So I did. This morning, I skimmed through my emails and was feeling down when I walked into the kitchen. There on the table were my pink roses, and I smiled. 

To rob from the old Mastercard commercials:

Pink roses: $10
Keeping my spirits up: Priceless

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