Monday, March 9, 2020


by Mary Kennedy                                           

A boxed set of Hollywood Nights will be here soon! What's the Hollywood Nights? A three book teen series. All of the books revolve around the excitement and heartbreak of the film industry.

Jessie Phillips and her friend, Tracy, go Hollywood when a film company chooses Fairmont Academy as the setting for a sizzling thriller. Sparks fly off and on the set as the teens become embroiled in a mystery fit for the big screen, and things heat up for Jessie when the film’s star Shane Rockett takes a shine to her. Will Jessie score more than her fifteen-minutes of fame?

NOTE: MOVIE STAR won an award for "artistic excellence in literary fiction" from the National Endowment for the Arts. 

Landing the star role in Reckless Summer—filmed at her high school the previous year—definitely had its perks for Jessie Philips. She shared romantic scenes with the superstar, Shane Rockett, and he set her heart aflame. Then he doused it when she caught him kissing a co-star. Jessie thought a summer like that could never be topped-but she was so wrong.

Now she's landed her own teen celeb column in a gossip magazine. Jessie gets to live in Hollywood and rub elbows with all the celebs she drools over (hopefully there will be more rubbing than drooling). She's seeing a lot more of Shane and he's sending out signals too...but sightings of him with a teen actress are giving her major doubts. With Shane's needed A-list contacts and his gorgeous smile, is it worth risking her heart again? It looks like this summer's hottest gossip may be about Jessie.


GOLDEN GIRL Young, rich, and drop-dead gorgeous, Amber Fielding's family owns the legendary Fieldings Hotel and she's the spokesmodel for a line of designer clothes and cosmetics. She mingles with celebrities and her world is filled with private jets and fabulous yachts. Yet Amber feels lonely and yearns for something more. When she meets enigmatic Nick Crawford, she falls hard. Nick is smart, tough and ambitious and plans to make it big as a documentary filmmaker. Nick confides that he's shooting a film about "the beautiful people" in historic South Beach. Is he telling the truth--or does he have a hidden agenda? Nick could be just what Amber is looking for--or he could blow her world apart. 

  Be sure stay tuned for the Hollywood Nights boxed set. Happy March everyone!

Mary Kennedy

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