Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Would love see...

I’ve been trying to get the forever shoebox of pictures in some kind of order. These are from back in the day when I actually had physical pictures to put in shoeboxes. 
There are the usual pictures of the kids born, growing up, first day of school etc and then there are the pictures I inherited, stuff that happened before my time. Pictures are great, reminds us of what was but nothing beats actually being there.
There’s this picture of my parents wedding. I wish I could have been at the wedding. They look so young and happy and full of life.
And there’s a picture of grandpa Angelo’s store on Canal Street when we had canals in Cincy. Wish I could have shopped there...and ridden on a canal boat.

There’s a picture of my uncle coming home from WWII. I would have loved to been in NYC for that parade and been a part of the end of WWII. Maybe stand beside that sailor kissing the girl. Heck I would have love to be that girl!
There’s a clipping of the first moon landing. I sure would have been neat to be standing on the moon too. Then there’s that newspaper clipping of the Titanic. I’m glad I wasn’t there for that one!
I would have like to have been in the shop or whatever when Gutenberg printed his first something on the printing press. I bet they all held hands and did the Snoopy dance ‘cause they had to know they were really on to something.
I know I would have liked to witness firsthand the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Talk about some brave dudes. High treason is dangerous business.
So what about you? Is there something you would have liked to witness up-close and personal? Something you wish you’d been a part of? Be with Adam and Eve in the Garden? Watch Babe Ruth slam a homer? Be there when Mr. Hershey made his first kiss! 

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Tom Burns said...

As an author, I tend to yearn more to be a part of fictional events than real ones. I'd love to have dinner with Nero and Archie in the brownstone, served by Fritz, stalk the London fogs with Holmes and Watson, or visit Rosie's place in Santa Teresa.