Monday, February 24, 2020


By Mary Kennedy                                               
Do you ever put off doing something because a little inner voice whispers to you, "Wait, wait!"

 I've noticed I do that and I just read a psychology article that explained that I'm not alone. If you find yourself yourself hesitating over taking a particular action, there might be a good reason. It might not be "procrastination," or "laziness," it could be that there is a valid reason not to go ahead. Your subconscious is warning you to hold off, even though your conscious mind couldn't tell you why. Eventually your subconscious will put all the pieces together and come up with a solution for you.

I was hesitating getting into the love interest in GOLDEN GIRL, part of the Hollywood Nights, a series for teens. I wanted Amber, the gorgeous main character, to fall hard for someone, but couldn't get a clear idea of who would appeal to her. (she would appeal to anyone with a pulse, that part was easy.) But trying to figure out the essential characters traits of "Nick" was eluding me. I had the name and that's all.                                                       

Nick Crawford had to be smart and ambitious, I was sure of that. And I wanted him to be a "temporary" resident of South Beach. Not someone whose family had been there for generations.

I hesitated to write the scene where Amber meets Nick and worked ahead on other scenes. And then I met a "real life" Nick and everything fell into place.  I was glad I'd waited! The real life Nick was from New York and a film student. He was smart, ambitious, talented and sophisticated. The perfect match for Amber.                                    

Sometimes waiting isn't a bad thing. You'll be rewarded when the right idea comes along! You can check out the Hollywood Nights series right here.

Have a good week, everyone! Mary

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