Thursday, February 13, 2020

Gayle's Character Roundup

by Gayle Leeson

Last week, I introduced you to myself. This week, I'd like you to meet some of my characters. 

  • Marcy Singer owns an embroidery shop in Tallulah Falls, Oregon. The shop is called the Seven -Year Stitch and is governed by an Irish wolfhound named Angus and a mannequin named Jill who bears a resemblance to Marilyn Monroe. The heroine of the embroidery series, Marcy's adventures span ten books, beginning with The Quick and the Thread.
  • Daphne Martin is a cake decorator in Brea Falls, Virginia. She has an adorable cat named Sparrow that came with her house, a feisty neighbor named Myra, and a handsome boyfriend named Ben. There are five books in Daphne's series, beginning with Murder Takes the Cake. 
  • Amy Flowers owns a cafe in the quaint, rural town of Winter Garden, Virginia. She dates a deputy, which is good because she's constantly finding herself in the middle of a murder investigation. In addition to her mom and her eccentric Aunt Bess, there are plenty of quirky characters who find themselves stopping by the Down South Cafe. Amy's adventures began with The Calamity Cafe. There are four books in the series so far with another planned for the fall of 2020.
  • Amanda Tucker 's best friend is a ghost named Maxine "Max " Engelbright who died in 1950. When Amanda decided to open her fashion design boutique in the over 100-year-old building housing Shops on Main she hadn't realized the space she was leasing came with a resident ghost. During the course of the Ghostly Fashionista series, Designs on Murder,  Amanda becomes fond of Max, despite the fact that the ghost can certainly create a lot of havoc. Book two, Perils and Lace, will be out this spring.


Gayle said...

Correction: Max, the Ghostly Fashionista, died in 1930. Sorry for the mistake!

Marcy Barth said...

Marcy Singer is my all time favorite mystery series girl. I have all the books on paperback and I’ve read them all multiple times!!! It’s my go to books when I get in a slump.
Max and Amanda are my newest girls I’m obsessed with. 💜💜💜