Tuesday, February 18, 2020


by  Maggie Sefton

Those of you who are newcomers to the Cozy Chicks Blog audience may not know about my first suspense novels which I wrote several years ago.  Although completely fictional the three books are set in the time period of 2012-----DEADLY POLITICS, POISONED POLITICS, and BLOODY POLITICS  (That's a slight exaggeration in the last title, folks. There's a murder in the last book but nothing graphic). Here's a brief glimpse of the first book---


Once the wife of an idealistic Colorado Congressman, Molly Malone was driven from Washington, D.C. by political backstabbing, scandals, and personal heartbreak. But now she's forced to start a new life and  
do what she swore she never 
would---return to the city that broke
 her heart and 
face the ghosts and the
 enemies from her past.

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Laura Pond said...

I had no idea that you wrote these books. I will look for them. Are they on Kindle?