Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Boy, Is It Winter!

by Maggie Sefton

That's not a real opening question, Cozy Chicks Blog readers and friends, it's a statement.  :)  I'm late with this post this morning because I'm guilty of being lured into watching late news about present day events.  I'm amazed I could fall asleep after all that dramatic news.

Meanwhile, here in Northern Colorado we just woke up to lots of inches of fresh snow on the latest snowstorm passing through the area.  Beautiful white snow blanketing everything.  I can be relaxed about it because I'd already taken preparations for a few days relaxing inside and no driving around on errands.  That's easy to do.  Also, our Colorado snowfall is light and fluffy and dry, not the heavy wet snow I grew up with Back East.

My 17-year old part Black Lab/part black Border Collie, Katy,  is gallumping (is that a word?) around
in the back yard.  She will ask to come in after a while, but she's having fun right now.  :)

I'm staying inside and staying warm and cozy, drinking hot tea.  I've also got several packets of Caramel Hot Chocolate sitting on the counter, teasing me.  Too yummy.  And the fridge is full of good food for meals including delicious fried chicken wings and sliced roast beef. Plenty of veggies, too.   And I've got a special Apple Spice cupcake, so Life is Good.    How about you folks?  Are you taking advantage of a snowy few days?  Or are you digging out from a heavier snowfall?  

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