Friday, February 21, 2020

Are you a Goodreads Reader?

Recently on my Facebook Group (Lorraine's & Lorna's Perpetual Teaparty--feel free to join!), I asked my members (besides Facebook), what social media sites do they most frequent. I was surprised to find the answer was Goodreads.

Here are the stats:

Goodreads     136
Instagram        78
Pinterest           74
Bookbub           65
Twitter               26

I can't say I'm surprised about Twitter--I don't visit it often, but I must admit I was rather shocked by the number who went to Goodreads. Several readers said they used Goodreads to keep track of the books they've read and to find new books from reviews other leave. Sounds good from a reader's perspective.

The reason I don't visit Goodreads often, though, is because I've heard isn't not such a friendly place from an author's perspective. (That it's a little too easy to get trolled.) But, I'm there (under all three of my names) and I even got asked a question the other day. I knew they had that provision, but not many people have asked me a question from Goodreads before. (Anything anybody wants to know? Feel free to leave a comment below.)

How about Pinterest? I must admit I avoid it because it's addictive. Once I start scrolling all those wonderful pins, I can't stop. I need more. And to make it worse, they send me emails with links to the latest dog- and cat-shaming pictures, pictures of broken china jewelry, and Star Trek pix. (Which is a terrible tease, because I don't get CBS All Access and can't watch Picard!) As Gayle and I have a book coming out in May (Victoria Square #7, A Murderous Misconception), I started a new Pinterest board for it. Gayle is so funny. Because one of our characters is behaving badly, she thought we should add a Pizza Rat picture. Go take a look!)

So, what's your favorite social media site and why?


Themysteryreader said...

Instagram and Pinterest have been difficult for me, as I'm using my phone. I do really like Goodreads, although I have to admit I follow you more on Facebook. I'll be looking forward to the idea of being able to ask you questions on Goodreads however hey, I didn't even know you could do that.

Ashley Montgomery said...

Facebook is my usual go-to. It's the one I'm most familiar with. I do use Twitter some but most of that is entering giveaways and sharing info from others. Instagram is used when I can remember and Pinterest is addictive for me as well so I try to stay away from it until I have time lol. I do use Goodreads a lot to keep up with my reading and to find out about new books and authors.

Laura Pond said...

I use Librarything to keep track of my books but I am addicted to Pinterest and You Tube.