Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Welcome to Winter

by Maggie Sefton

Here in Northern Colorado we all welcomed Winter at the beginning of December, which was a surprise for most of us because we're used to being spoiled with milder winters.  It looks like this Winter won't be one of them.

My sweet 17-year old part Black Border Collie mix/Black Lab spent the early Christmas holidays at  her Home=Away-From-Home with Tammie at her home on the eastern edge of Fort Collins.  Tammie spoils Katy just as I do.  When I travel, Katy will spend the cold winter days lying on a comfy doggie bed next to her very own space heater keeping toasty warm.  Tammie once joked that Katy's spot was warmer than Tammie's whole house.  :)  

Hey. . .we all love our pets and take very good care of them.   And those of us who travel a lot to see Family and Friends as well as doing booksignings for our books also have to plan ahead for our doggies and kitties.   We want to make sure they are cared for well and safe.  I also realize that I'm fortunate to have safe and dependable situations to depend on.

I certainly hope that all of you Cozy Chicks Blog readers and friends have good situations to depend on.  I'm curious as to how some of you handle this Pets and Travel situation.  Email me at the below email so I can see your responses:   maggie@maggiesefton.com.  

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