Monday, January 20, 2020


By Mary Kennedy                                                   

Do you enjoy books set in small towns across rural America? Books set in lazy southern hamlets with loads of tradition and history?  Or glitzy cities like LA, Miami  and Manhattan? As an author, it's all up for grabs and sometimes the choices are too much to handle.

I've written 47 books and sometimes the settings choose themselves. For example, MOVIE STAR is the story of a girl at a small New England high school whose life changes when a film company decides to shoot a summer flick at her school. The book was originally titled Confessions of an Almost Movie Star and was published by Penguin. When the rights were reversed to me, I shortened the title and now it's available as an e-book.

The next book in the series. CONFESSIONS, absolutely had to be set in Hollywood. Jessie, the main character from book one, snares an internship with a Los Angeles entertainment magazine and has fun exploring La-la land.                                                                                         

GOLDEN GIRL, another book in the Hollywood Nights series is set in South Beach. The Miami vibe and its connection with the film industry is necessary to the plot. The book just wouldn't make sense if it was set any place else.
These are my teen novels. Now that I'm writing cozy mysteries, I have two series, The Dream Club Mysteries, for Penguin Random House which are set in Savannah. 

      And the Talk Radio Mysteries set in the fictional town of Cypress Grove, Florida. 

 How about you? Is the setting a factor in which books you choose?

Mary Kennedy

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