Friday, January 17, 2020

Rockabye Poppy

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

My cat, Poppy, is a rambunctious little girl. Her favorite thing to do is to "flip and flop." She loves to roll around on the rug looking as cute as a button.

Unfortunately, she likes to flip and flop on my lap, too, and it never ends well. But I've finally found a trick to keep that wiggle-worm still. I rock her--like a baby. When I'm at the computer and she jumps onto my lap, I scoop her into my arms and we sit and have a cuddle.  This has turned our mom-and-girl time into a much more pleasant experience for both of us. (When I'm sitting on the couch, Poppy likes me to have an afghan on my lap. She'll liable to sit with me more often when I've got an afghan.)

As it turns out, Poppy likes to watch YouTube videos almost as much as I do. Just this week we've watched episodes of Restaurant Impossible and What's for Tea? (Love What's for Tea? It's about Scottish woman, named Sheryl, who cooks dinner (sharing the recipes) often in a crock pot, or a grocery store haul, and she ends her videos with beautiful shots of Scotland. (I love her!) This is the kind of food I grew up with. (My mother wasn't Scottish, but my Dad was half Scot.) This is the kind of food I want to make.  (Poppy is content with 9 Lives.)

But Poppy isn't just a mama's girl. Lately, she's developed an independent streak. Instead of spending all her time with us in our offices, she's been snoozing on the couch or behind the living room drape. Go figure. But our times together are much more calm (with a lot less biting) than they used to be just because I finally figured out what she needed as opposed to what she wants.

Does your pet require you to adapt to its needs?


Dr. Mary Kennedy said...

Poppy is adorable! Yes, my kitties like me to have a cozy blanket in my lap when they curl up for a cuddle. Damian (who looks a lot like Poppy) hasn't learned to keep his claws in, so I'm happier, too.

rgp1950 said...

Your kitties are darling! Yes, mine does, especially now that she's a senior.

Meg85242 said...

I love Poppy. She is too cute and seems quite loveable. Phred demands cuddle time at night definitely. I hadn't considered the cuddle request when he plops up near the computer walking back and forth, plopping himself down on whatever I'm trying to do! Thank you for that insight! (For the YouTube suggestions as well!)