Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Hats Off...or On?

Okay, it’s National Hat Day. I just love hats but they don’t love me. I look horrible in a hat. I know, I know people say that’s crazy, everyone can wear a hat well.
I wish! I’ve tried different ones and the look is always the same...give it up. Here are a few pics of me in hats. See, I need to just grow my hair longer and let it take the place of a hat. 

Then there are people who look amazing in hats! My daughter could do commercials for hats she looks so good in them. Babies look terrific in hats, pets look great in hats, Audrey Hepbern is the queen of hats.
So what about you? Love hats? Hate them? Look good in them or just wear them to keep from getting a head cold.



Tom Burns said...

I was forced to wear a hat when outdoors in military school. The school was in NYC, and if an upperclassman saw you without your hat when in uniform, he could write you up in school the next day. Naturally, that made me hate hats. But the funny thing is, that when I finally got out of there, I found that I was uncomfortable without a hat. So to this day, I still wear one every time I go out.

Anonymous said...

Love hats, look good in them, but no style in Alaska winter, just warmth.