Tuesday, December 10, 2019

It's Snowing!

by Maggie Sefton

We've gotten two really good snowstorms here in Northern Colorado, and the snow built up  between six and eight inches last week.  The cold temps cooperated in keeping it around for several days.  I don't mind.  During the Winter Season I actually like to see the snow outside.  Of course, I like to have my sidewalk shoveled as well as my driveway and sidewalks in front of my house.

Several years ago I decided I no longer wanted to shovel snow, so I started using my Jack of all Trades handyman to shovel.  Then that dear man decided he would retire from snow detail when he retired from his day job.  Totally understandable.  Meanwhile, I started asking friends and neighbors who they used for shoveling snow and if they were still accepting clients.  Out here in Colorado,  the strong sturdy folks who work with the snow also like to go skiing in our gorgeous Colorado Rockies and the various ski resorts we have just an hour away.  So----many of the "snow folks" had already filled up their client lists.  Hard to believe, I know.

Well, in asking neighbors I also remembered to ask friends and customers at the Lambspun Knitting Shop  here in Fort Collins.  And that's how I found the wonderful young man who does my snow shoveling for me.  One of our great Lambspun shop associates, Larissa, suggested her nephew Dimitri.  She said he would be happy to do it because he was taking odd jobs on the weekend and after his day job in order to earn extra money for his young family.  Both Larissa and Dimitri are Ukrainians, and they've told me the snow doesn't bother them at all.

Dimitri does a wonderful and thorough job, and always makes a point to come to my house on either that day or the next.  Bless his heart.   Those of you Cozy Chicks Blog readers may recognize Larissa's name, especially if you've ever worked on one of the Lambspun knitting patterns.  She's a wonderful knitter and extremely talented, so she's created some of Lambspun's most popular patterns.

Meanwhile, if you're not crazy about all the "white stuff" that has floated down, don't worry.  Temps warm up, and Snow  melts.  Meanwhile, make a yummy hot chocolate and enjoy.  :)    

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