Friday, December 20, 2019

Happy National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

I did a book signing at a craft show last week, and one of the things I sell as a loss leader (and to help pay for the space) is holiday earrings.  Yes, like the ones pictured at left. (Cute, huh?) Ladies were buying them to wear to an Ugly Christmas Sweater parties at work and home.

Ugly Christmas sweaters have become quite the thing these days. I even have one! I did not buy it for myself.  When my mother passed away, I inherited hers. Actually, on the ugly sweater spectrum, it's actually quite attractive.  It's black with red and green embellishments. Why don't I wear it?  It's too hot. I suppose I could wear it to a restaurant. These days, there are lots of drafts. (At least when you live in Western NY where the temperature yesterday was a balmy 18˚˚ ˚F.)

Whatever possessed my mother to buy the sweater? I don't ever remember seeing her wear it. Maybe she bought it after Christmas on sale. Who knows. But it's sitting in my closet and I really should wear it someday.

Okay, that's it! I've made up my mind. Mr. L is taking me to lunch tomorrow and I WILL WEAR THAT SWEATER. (And hope I don't spill anything on it, because it's dry-clean only!)

So, do you have an ugly Christmas sweater (and where do you wear it)?

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Czech7985 said...

I have three Christmas sweaters, all of which my Mother purchased for me. I'm sure they were purchased during After Christmas sales. They are ok,not as ugly some I've seen. In fact, I entered "Ugly Christmas Sweater" contests at work and never won with any of them! I would wear them to work, on Fridays as we could wear jeans on Friday. Now I'm doing well to wear them a couple times during December.

Veronica said...

Yes! I have a Grinch who stole Christmas and has naughty on both sleeves, LOL