Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Goodbye, November; Hello, December

by  Maggie Sefton

I can barely believe it.  It's December.  This Fall has zoomed by for me.  I hope all of you Cozy Chicks Readers and fans are adjusting.  I haven't bought the presents for my family yet, and I fly back to Northern Virginia on the week before Christmas.  Yikes! I'd better get busy.  Of course, one thing that has made my shopping WAY easier is my decision a few years ago to give my family Gift Cards to their "Store of Choice."  That has made my life---and the shopping demands---SO much easier to handle.   And, after many years of wandering about department stores and sports stores wondering what to buy for that large family of mine, the gift cards have been an inspiration.

The only exception that shopping decision has been for grandchildren gifts.  I still LOVE buying items for my grandchildren.  And now that both sets of grandchildren---daughter Christine's two sons and two daughters in Northern VA and daughter Maria & husband John's two daughters and  one son in Washington DC area---are all old enough to love reading books, I have another excuse to disappear into the book department.  :)    Yay!    

That means I get to hang out in the children's department of any large Barnes & Noble for several hours and look at all the the new books that have come in---and new editions of popular series books.     That's always a fun time for me.  In fact, I'll be going to one of the large malls in Northern VA next week and enjoy myself.  :)  

Do any of you have a chance to shop for family members who love books?

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