Thursday, November 7, 2019

Tea On A Friday Night

by Karen Rose Smith

Since my next cozy mystery, MURDER WITH CHERRY TARTS will be released at the end of November, I was honored to be asked to return to the TranquilaTEA Room in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania for their Friday night Book Lovers Tea Party.  In a quaint refurbished house in the downtown area, the tea room offered an intimate setting for me to meet with tea lovers and readers of my cozy mysteries.  The nighttime service allowed for candlelit teapot warmers to create a soothing accent to the beautiful tea service table settings.

Each tea lover was treated to a full tea service including sausage and cheddar quiche, creamy butternut squash bisque, cinnamon scones with lemon curd and almond cream, chicken Caesar salad triangles, pumpkin nut tea sandwiches and cucumber sandwiches wrapped as tiny presents.  Dessert selections included pear custard bars and tiny chocolate cupcakes with salted-caramel frosting.  And, of course, a full selection of teas, including herbal, black, green and specialty blends were offered throughout the meal. 

Between each course, I circulated around the tea room to visit and chat with each table of guests. This gave everyone a chance to ask questions or share what they enjoy about reading cozy mysteries.  After dessert was finished, I did a short reading from my second Daisy's Tea Garden Cozy Mystery, MURDER WITH CINNAMON SCONES as the guests finished sipping their tea samplings.  Then I moved into the gift shop area to sign the books that were part of each guest's fare for the evening.

And, of course, before leaving, I had to do some shopping.  Tea rooms have the neatest gifts for stocking stuffers and beautiful teacups and teapots.  I had to take home a few bags of the menu teas that were available on the tea rack.  My favorite tea of the evening and that I brought home was Rooibos Caramel!

I love meeting with readers in a tea room setting.  It is personal, satisfying and gratifying to share my love of tea, writing and cats with my readers.


Coming in December!


In Pennsylvania’s Amish country, Daisy Swanson has a tea shop to run, a daughter to marry off—and a murder to solve . . .

Daisy’s worried one of her employees at Daisy’s Tea Garden may be in a spot of trouble. Lately Karina’s been loading up on soup and second-day baked goods at the end of her shift—and while the shop’s scrumptious treats may be hard to resist, Daisy suspects there’s more going on, especially since Karina has been seen hanging out in a rundown part of Willow Creek.

Planning her own daughter’s wedding is enough to keep her busy, but Daisy can’t help feeling a protective maternal instinct—and an instinct to investigate. It turns out Karina has been helping a down-on-his luck single dad who’s been making ends meet—barely—by selling antiques at a place called Pirated Treasures.

But when an employee at the antiques store is bludgeoned to death with a marble rolling pin, Karina’s new friend is suspect number one. Though the motives are muddy and steeped in intrigue, Daisy is more than determined to flush the real killer out.



Tonette Joyce said...

Lovely! A actual 'high-tea', as opposed to 'low-tea', where , in a grand home, you'd be expected to sat,(and dress) for dinner later. You don't see 'real' food served even when many think they are serving high-tea.
I would love to have seen all that was in the store!

KRS said...

The gift shop is amazing.