Thursday, November 14, 2019

Bittersweet Memories

by Karen Rose Smith

I was reading the page proofs this week of my June 2020 release, MURDER WITH CLOTTED CREAM.  In this book, in addition to Daisy Swanson solving a murder, she is also dealing with the birth of her first grandchild.  While the entire family is thrilled with the new arrival, Daisy, her aunt Iris and her mom are also concerned with her daughter's struggle to adapt to her new baby and the responsibilities that go with him.  Only married three months, Vi and Foster are still adjusting to married life and Vi seems to be sinking into a depression that doesn't seem normal.  Vi has a tremendous support system and is able to get the help she needs--nutrition, medication, group therapy and emotional support from family.

It was both easy and difficult to write the scenes that involved the struggling new mother because I had experienced much that I was writing about.  The subject matter brought back the struggles I experienced after the birth of my son.  Forty-seven years ago, postpartum depression was not recognized as a serious condition and new mother's were expected to feel the joy that a new baby brings to a family.  When my son had colic day and night, I blamed myself for failing as a mother who couldn't find a way to comfort my newborn child.

My husband was very supportive and insisted that, even though he had to go to work the next day, we did nighttime feedings together.  We were a team and that helped the sleepless nights seem more bearable.  While one of us was feeding and rocking the baby, the other would just sit in the kitchen next to the baby's room for support and companionship.  Being newlyweds, we didn't have an abundance of holiday decorations.  We found an unfinished wooden Christmas ornament kit.  We painted the ornaments while we sat and waited for a fussy baby to fall back to sleep.  By the time the holidays rolled around, we had a complete set of ornaments to decorate our tree. 

I recently found the ornaments packed away in a box I was sorting through.  They immediately took me back to those long nights of calming a baby with colic.  But, even more, they reminded me of the teamwork that my husband and I shared that helped lift my spirits and enable me to treasure the bonds that a baby and his mother share and can never be broken. 


Coming in December!


In Pennsylvania’s Amish country, Daisy Swanson has a tea shop to run, a daughter to marry off—and a murder to solve . . .
Daisy’s worried one of her employees at Daisy’s Tea Garden may be in a spot of trouble. Lately Karina’s been loading up on soup and second-day baked goods at the end of her shift—and while the shop’s scrumptious treats may be hard to resist, Daisy suspects there’s more going on, especially since Karina has been seen hanging out in a rundown part of Willow Creek.
Planning her own daughter’s wedding is enough to keep her busy, but Daisy can’t help feeling a protective maternal instinct—and an instinct to investigate. It turns out Karina has been helping a down-on-his luck single dad who’s been making ends meet—barely—by selling antiques at a place called Pirated Treasures.
But when an employee at the antiques store is bludgeoned to death with a marble rolling pin, Karina’s new friend is suspect number one. Though the motives are muddy and steeped in intrigue, Daisy is more than determined to flush the real killer out.


Tonette Joyce said...

What a Trooper! What a KEEPER! You both did a great job in finding mates. What a blessing.
The ornaments are darling.

Sandy Swanger Bartles said...

So glad you have such a helpful husband! The ornaments are precious and definitely something to pass down in the family.