Saturday, October 26, 2019


By Mary Kennedy                                       

A lot of people know me as a mystery writer, but I also enjoy writing for teens. My Hollywood Nights series is a particular favorite of mine. Three books, linked together by their connection to the exciting world of movies.

Movie Star deals with the excitement of a film company coming to a small New England town to shoot a summer movie at a high school. There's love, romance, excitemen, and the thrill of being part of being "on the set" on almost every page.

Confessions, the sequel, deals with the main character heading to Hollywood for a dream internship with an entertainment magazine. Set in LA, there's double-dealing, red carpet drama, fun, ambition and a lot of drama.

Golden Girl has a new set of characters, but the theme is the same. The excitement of the film world, this time in South Beach, Florida. They call SoBe "Hollywood East" because of all the movies being shot there.  

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