Wednesday, October 9, 2019

National Take your Teddy to work day.

Hi all, Duffy Brown here.
I attended a Murder Mystery Weekend in Marietta Ohio. What a blast. For me the best part of writing is meeting the readers. To celebrate I brought along Sherlock Bear and just had to share a few of the pics.

Sherlock was a total hit. I mean how man times do you see a bear dressed as Sherlock on the bow of a paddlewheeler going down the river?!
Nothing more fun than chatting with readers about cozy mysteries and SB had everyone chatting. Talk about a conversation starter.
Everyone wanted to know where I got SB. Well, since I work at the Snooty Fox here in Cicy...a consignment shop... it came into the store and I felt as if it were destiny. I had to have him.
Getting SB home was something else. I had help getting him into the car and he bearly fit...couldn’t resist. But hauling him around is something else. So I bought a cart and can now propel him along.
He looks a bit like in bondage but if I don’t tie him down he’ll fall over. We sure do get the looks!
Hope you get to see Sherlock Bear in person. We are at bookfairs and of course the annual Mystery Weekend. Next year we’re in Bardstown Ky. I’ll post more on that later.
Have a Beary Happy Day.
Hugs, Duffy

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