Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Happy Fall!!!!!!

Hi, Everyone! Duffy Brown here and I think fall is the best season of all. Maybe because the leaves change colors, temps drop, Halloween is just around the corner, it’s time to drag out the sweaters, time for kids to go back to school.
For me it’s the food! Then again for me it’s always the food. I love to eat. (I never did understand the protein drink thing. Where’s the crunch? But that’s another blog) Some people eat to live, and then there’s me who lives to eat!
Now that it’s October I’m already thinking apple pie. I love pie! Pumpkin and pecan are my favs. I even learned to make that lattice top crust so my pie looks cute. ‘course it looks a lot cuter with a scoop of ice cream on top.
And then there’s the pot roast. Fall is so pot roast season. A chunk of beef surrounded by gravy and carrots and potatoes and peas and did I mention the gravy? And what is pot roast without popovers! I finally bought a non-stick popover pan. Nothing better than bread that is all crusty on the outside and warm and hollow in the inside. Yummmm. And of course it has no calories because of the hollow part.
And then there’re root veggies. I gotta tell you I’m not a veggie person but roasted turnips, rutabaga, carrots, parsnips, fennel are the best.
But the very best autumn food is doughnuts. Okay, I know you can eat doughnuts anytime but a doughnut with hot apple cider is amazing. A just out of the fryer doughnut and sitting around an open fire on a chilly night with hot cider and the stars overhead is what autumn is all about.
So what about you? Now that September is here what part of autumn are you looking forward to the most?
Happy Autumn!
Hugs, Duffy

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