Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Dressing up for Halloween... In or Out?

Do the question today is do you like to dress up for Halloween...or for costume parties? Do you like to get in the mood and pick out just the right costume for the event?

When we have our Mystery Weekend I do like dressing up. This year I did Nancy Drew or Miss Marple depending how you looked at the costume. And to tell you the truth no one really looked at me all that much since I was hauling around a seven-foot Sherlock Bear.
But I digress. I do like dressing up as mystery characters and I love Nancy Drew. I found this incredible dress in a vintage shop and just had to have it. Then I just kept adding to it and really got into the grove.
So my question to you today is do you dress for Halloween? Do you like getting costumes and putting them together? What was your fave costume when you where a kid? What is your fave costume as an adult?

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