Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Brazen Squirrel is Back

by Maggie Sefton

We're having a wonderful mild sunny October here in Northern Colorado, and my daughter Melissa is here to enjoy it.  She's scheduled a longer trip this Fall because she loves Colorado and wants to enjoy the beautiful weather.  She's able to work online in her job so she loves to combine travel with work.  Plus I have a comfortable 4-bedroom house which has two guest rooms upstairs next to my master bedroom.  So it's easy to have family stay-overs.

Of course since it's October, Melissa has been on the lookout for Brazen Squirrel that lives in the big Maple tree in my front yard.  I'm presently sitting in my living room, looking out the two main windows and keeping an eye out for Brazen Squirrel.  

Last year I posted about Brazen Squirrel and his escapades involving Melissa's newly carvel pumpkin.   Neither Melissa nor I had any idea that squirrels liked to eat pumpkins.  We discovered it when we came home from running errands in Fort Collins last October and found Brazen and a friend sitting on the brick wall bordering my front walkway, happily munching away on the pumpkin.  We were totally suprised.  Who knew squirrels liked pumpkins?

I've never made it a habit to feed wildlife.  I've always heard that's not a good idea.  So we didn't put out another pumpkin.  Melissa started putting out nuts.  Natural squirrelly snacks.  :)  For those of you who are curious as to why Melissa and I call our cheeky visitor by that name, it's because Fictional Brazen Squirrel  lived in the tall Cottonwood tree across the driveway from

 Lambspun fiber shop.  Fictional Brazen loved to torment Kelly's Rottweiler Carl.  He'd dart along the chain link fence rail, with Carl barking loudly behind.  Then Brazen would take a wild leap to a nearby Cottonwood tree and scamper up into the protective branches.  There, he would perch and noisily fuss at frustrated Carl.          

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