Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Who Are You People?

by Maggie Sefton

For those of you who are just discovering our Cozy Chicks Blog site, I'm posting a short descriptive  piece that gives a good introduction to the cast of characters in the Kelly Flynn Knitting Mysteries---"Who Are You People" goes into background detail on the characters that populate all sixteen---yes folks, that's 16---Kelly Flynn Knitting Myteries.  I'm well aware there are authors out there who have written over thirty+ mysteries in their series bestsellers.

My characters are a headstrong bunch and they let me know what's on their minds.  And, Kelly let me know a few years ago that mystery #16 would be the last of the Kelly Flynn mysteries.  She said quite clearly---our characters do that, you know---and told me that "The Gang and I are going to take a break, a rest, after #16."

I have absolutely NO idea if Kelly and the Gang have plans to resume sometime in the future.    Believe me, if I hear anything,  I'll be glad to share it with you readers.  Meanwhile, here's a way to get a taste of the characters if you haven't already met them.  :)  You can find copies on Amazon.   

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