Monday, September 9, 2019


By Mary Kennedy                                                 

When I visited New Mexico last week, I was struck by the picture postcard scenery. Majestic mountains, wide open spaces, skies painted with the whole palette of southwestern colors,  ranging from scarlet and gold to deep violet. And sunsets to rival those in Key West.  Pine trees, desert shrubs and dramatic rock formations have inspired New Mexico artists for centuries.                                                           

The architecture was so interesting and so different from the styles popular here on the east coast. I loved the adobe houses in sandy colors with their exposed beams and rustic charm.

People think of the desert as flat and devoid of plants, but desert plants have their own charm and I love the idea that they are drought resistant. Home owners are encouraged to plant desert type plants in their yards, they are not only beautiful but you rarely have to water them.


And if you thought the desert landscape was devoid of flowers, think again!


A road trip is always an adventure in the southwest, because you'll find an exciting vista around every curve in the road. 

Snow capped mountains were a surprise and reminded me of Switzerland. 

Next week, I'll feature Route 66, a bucket list road trip that has always enticed me!

By Mary Kennedy, happy travels!


Tom Burns said...

Trips like this are invaluable for a writer. I don't know if you're planning to set a story in New Mexico, but now you have an excellent basis to begin developing that setting. I have written many stories about places I've never been (thank God for the Internet!), but I feel much more secure writing about a place where I've spent some quality time.

Mama Cat said...

Great photos!

Dr. Mary Kennedy said...

Tom, I wrote six of the BoxCar mysteries (a popular kids series owned by Gertrude Chandler Warner) and one was set in New Mexico, in Albuquerque. It's called the Mystery Horse and I really enjoyed doing research in the area. Since her estate owns the series, we all had to use her name, but I had great fun writing them. Thanks so much for stopping by. I'd like to set an adult mystery series there. I think the former TV show In Plain Sight, was filmed in Albuquerque.

Mama Cat, thank you!! The scenery is really amazing out there, thanks for checking out the blog, hope all is well with you, mary