Monday, September 23, 2019


By Mary Kennedy                                                   

A recent trip to Albuquerque reawakened a longtime desire of mine--to hit the road on Route 66. A quick poll of my friends revealed that a lot of them have a Route 66 trip on their bucket list. Maybe you have one on yours.

Why?  Many reasons. The lure of the open road is one. The very name conjures up excitement, adventure and a sense of timelessness. The road seems to stretch on forever.

Route 66 has been written about, fantasized about and glamorized. Nowadays, many parts of it are in disrepair or have disappeared completely, but here's a quick look at the map and you'll see how many states are involved.

And some of you may remember the old TV show Route 66 from the 1960's. An idealized version of Route 66? Maybe, but what's Hollywood without dreams.

Route 66 today has a retro flair. You'll see some abandoned motels, torn up sections of roads and a few seedy cafes.

But you'll also experience a sense of freedom and open spaces in the great southwest.

Along with some quaint little towns that celebrate their connection with the famous road. Here's a vintage car show in a town you may pass along the way. 

So as Chuck Berry sang, gas up the car, grab some water and snacks and "Get Your Kicks on Route 66." It will be a trip you won't forget! 

Happy travels!! Mary Kennedy


catladymac said...

And a lot of us remember the COrvtt from the old TV show !ee

catladymac said...

Good grief 0 sorry for the typos !

The CORVETTE from the old TV show !

Dr. Mary Kennedy said...

That's ok, I knew what you meant! Thanks for stopping by.