Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Pets teach us plenty

Things we learn from our pets...
Just in case you think you have all the answers I’m here to remind you that your pet is probably wiser than you are. Okay, you can drive a car and get the jokes on Saturday Night Live and you can vote but when it comes to the really important stuff our pets get it way more than we do.
I just have cats...Dr. Watson and Spooky, but my kids have dogs...Maddy, Sophie and Ginger. So what have I leared from these furry friends? Plenty! And it’s the stuff that’s counts in life.
From Spooky and Watson I learned...
-nothing beats a warm place to nap and that a place in the sun is the best place of all to spend time.
-you do not have to eat all the food in front of you!
-snuggling is fun
-never trust a two-year-olds to stay out of trouble
-fish is good for you
-sitting and doing nothing recharges your batteries
-you can sense things that aren’t visible
-some healthy food really does taste like crap
-make some noise when you’re happy
-it’s okay to hiss when you’re not
-napping is great
-fuzzy blankets are the best
-and...I am the boss and don’t you forget it

Things I’ve learned from my kids’ dogs...
-you think you rescued me but I really rescued you
-if I wasn’t around who would you blame for those farts
-loyalty is everything
-snacks are good for the soul
-when feeling down having a BFF helps a lot
-meat is good no matter what the doctors tell you
-nothing beats coming home to a friend
-getting left behind on vacation sucks
-don’t trust everyone
-don’t bite when a growl will do
-there is never a bad time for a walk
-play is good
-falling asleep on the couch is the best sleep of all
-don’t panic if the barber cuts your hair too short...your friends love you anyway

These are some things I’ve learned from pets. They simplify life, get to the root of what is really important and get rid of the clutter that occupies too much of our lives.
So, what about you? What have you learned from a pet?

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