Friday, September 20, 2019


by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

I will admit it -- I'M OVERWHELMED.


Work. Work. WORK!

I'm currently juggling wayyyyyy too many projects.  They are:

Booktown #14: A Manuscript for Murder|
Victoria Square #7 (not yet titled)
A women's Fiction book (resurrecting it. I started it before I sold Booktown #1)
A WWII story I write long before I was published, but reads pretty good today
Promo for Tea'd Off -- coming out October 4th
Still promoting A Killer Edition,

So, I'm working on projects for all three of my author names.

And -- and -- I'm contemplating finally finishing the 3rd book in the Tales of Telenia trilogy, which has been on hold for the past 3-4 years. (Why? Lack of sales. But it's BUGGING me to finish it, anyway.)

Instead of feeling elated, I'm feeling overwhelmed. I want to work on all of these projects, but I also worry I'm never going to be able to finish all of them before the end of the year. I have a firm deadline on one: A Manuscript for Murder, but I'm already behind because I should have submitted a synopsis long before now. (And because I didn't--I'm not getting paid.)

And still, while I'm overwhelmed, I'm also excited. There was a time, after I'd finished my fifth novel, I went through a period of writers block where I had no ideas. That was 27 books and and 38 short stories ago.

Mr. L often marvels...all this stuff came out of my imagination.  Yeah, it amazes me, too.

Which of my series (or stories) is your favorite?

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