Saturday, September 28, 2019


By Mary Kennedy

What do you do when a secondary character practically hijacks a series? Well, when it's Lola Walsh, Dr. Maggie's movie star mom, there's not much you *can* do. Lola is a force of nature, as big and colorful as those giant balloons in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.

Here are a few vital stats in case you're not familiar with the Talk Radio Mysteries.

Who is Lola? Lola is an aspiring actress, a woman "of a certain age" who still lists her age at 38 on her head shot. This is clearly impossible since her daughter, Dr. Maggie Walsh, the star of the series, is in her early thirties. Lola has moved to south Florida to be near her daughter and has even acquired a geriatric talent agent.

Why is Lola important to the plot?  Lola adds a whole new dimension to crime solving and brings some great quotes and a wild sense of humor to any situation. 

What book contains the most "Lola" scenes? That would have to be REEL MURDER, which takes place on a movie set in Cypress Grove. A Hollywood film company comes to shoot a flick in south Florida and Lola manages to snare a small part because she's an old friend of the director. And since it's a psychological thriller, Dr. Maggie is hired as a consultant. So Lola definitely propels the plot forward. And as a B-List (or maybe a C list!) actress, she brings a unique approach to life on a movie set.

Is Lola going to have her own series? So many readers have asked me that! And if it was up to Lola, the answer would be yes. It seems a lot of readers can relate to her warm personality, her style, her quirkiness and they want to see more Lola in the books.

What's the latest book in the series? That would be a novella called A Deadly Fundraiser. Lola, Dr. Maggie and Vera Mae (Dr. Maggie's producer at WYME-Radio) go to a fundraiser in a Florida mansion and discover a body in the basement speakeasy 

Happy reading!! Mary Kennedy

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