Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Are Your Pets Getting Older?

by Maggie Sefton

Katy and Maggie

Now that I'm back in Fort Collins, Colorado, I'll let Tammie at the Doggie Ranch  know that I'll be picking up my sweet Katy dog, Black Border Collie/Black Lab mix.   Katy is totally content staying with Tammie at the Doggie Ranch.  She has her own room space with a comfy soft bed, just perfect for "older" doggie bones and doggie arthritis.  And a doggie "heater."

As I've mentioned on the Cozy Chicks Blog earlier this year, Katy was celebrating her 16th Birthday. She moves a little slower but not much.  Whenever she steps outside in her Fort Collins backyard here, the feisty little neighbor dog starts barking and yapping.  I've never figured out if he's in a good mood or not.  Katy doesn't seem to care and pays him scant attention.

While he was alive, my beloved Hound Dog Max loved to race across the yard and bark at Little Yappy Dog, so I figure he thought it was fun.  Katy also has two very sociable doggies on  either side of her yard-----Boxer mix Ginger on one side and Mastiff/Lab Boss on the other side.    Ginger is a lot quieter because she  doesn't get out into the yard as often.

I'm a big believer in allowing our animals, especially doggies, outside play time.  Sunshine and fresh air keeps them healthy.  I actually remember a Vet, head of a university Small Animal clinic in another state, tell me that a dog's coat will change with the amount of fresh air and sunshine the dog is exposed to.  The more sunshine and fresh air, the healthier and shinier the dog's coat.  I always thought that fascinating.  I think we all benefit from fresh air and sunshine.

Daughter Serena and Jeff's  Mastiff mix Boss, begging.  :)

Of course, I'm very much aware that these next few years will probably bring even more life changes to my dear Katy dog.  But, at least I never have to worry about traveling back to see Family so frequently.   Tammie has always spoiled Katy thoroughly with special treats and her own little "doggie heater" in her room along with the comfy soft bed.  :)   So Katy is treated very well indeed.

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Lynn in Texas said...

I always love seeing pictures and hearing about your Katy. How lucky to have Tammie to care for her! (BTW, we had a border collie named Shorty for many years. He was such a love, even if he couldn't always stop herding things, like the cows, and cars on our 1/4 mile long driveway!) Now Luke the Boxer turned 11 in April, and he's been showing lots more gray hairs (don't we all) and sleeps more than he used to, but still has puppy-fied moments and likes to play and chase the tennis balls around the house, and even dog-paddles in the pool!