Thursday, September 5, 2019

A Rare Find

by Karen Rose Smith

I was cleaning out drawers this week and found an old copy of Woman's Day magazine which was dated August 1947.  I enjoyed leafing through the magazine.  It brought back memories of products that my parents used as I was growing up.  I also noticed that some things have not changed through the years.  Women have always been interested in fashion, home decorating and food.  The table of contents featured articles and short stories.  Other categories included Needlework, Home Decoration, Fashion and Beauty, Food and other departments such as News and Gossip and the HOW TO section.

I snapped some photos of  some of the articles and ads in this issue.  Do you remember these products?

The needlework section featured an article on Pineapple Crochet.  My grandmother created crocheted items similar to these.

The article in the Home Decoration and Workshop section was titled "Where No One Ever Lived Before."  It showed photos of the upper level of a small barn in Pennsylvania which was transformed into living quarters for three.  It reminded me of the barn that my sleuth, Daisy Swanson, in the Daisy's Tea Garden cozy mystery series, transformed into her house when she moved back to Willow Creek Pennsylvania to start her tea garden business.  She also remodeled the upper floor of her garage into a small living quarters for her daughter Vi, her son-in-law Foster and their son, little Sammy.

The Fashion section featured clothes for the grade-school girl.  The article showed clothes that could be made from patterns and included a coat and a choice of four outfits to be worn with it.  These are clothes that are similar to some of the outfits I wore as a young student.

It's always fun to find reminders of our past and the products and clothes we grew up with.  Do you remember any of the items I found in my vintage issue of Woman's Day?



Tonette Joyce said...

My mother saved them for the recipes. Unfortunately, even the best were left behind in storage when the family made a big move and the member in charge of it abandoned everything, all of those,the family library, and most of the family furniture, some a couple of generations old.
I have been searching for one particular in which my mother found recipes she made over and over.I saw it on eBay years before I knew how it worked, and my niece never saw the email I sent to her to get it.
Magazines just are not the same, nor do they elicit the excitement which we all once felt when putting our hands on a new one.

Between the Pages with Katrina said...

When my grandmother died I found some old pages where from magazines and the news paper. I loved looking through them. For the most part they mostly contained recipes and yes, I remember her using several. I found it very interesting to look through things that my grandmother had found important enough to keep them.

StephanieHobrock said...

I have a July 1948 Woman’s Day. I love the recipes and seeing things come back!

KRS said...

You are right about that!

KRS said...

I was surprised about how much of it still interested me.

KRS said...

Old is new again.

Veronica said...

I don't know if you remember McCall's Magazine, but that was a favorite in my house. They still make patterns. To bad the Magazine is no longer.