Thursday, September 19, 2019

A Golden Memory

by Karen Rose Smith

I can remember as a child, one of the perks of going to the grocery store with my parents was to choose a Golden Book from the revolving rack near the front of the store.  I had quite a collection of them...from children's stories to classic fairy tales to career oriented topics.  There were over 200 titles in the Little Golden Library to choose from and many of them are still in my personal library.  In my recent cleaning out our cluttered closets frenzy, I came across the box and had to sit for a while to reflect on the childhood memories they brought back to life.  Our son also enjoyed the books, although they were already somewhat dated by that time.

I also remember watching Roy Rogers, Sky King and Flipper every Saturday morning.  Broadcast in black and white, they were great alternate viewing to Saturday morning cartoons.  I also loved the Roy Rogers Tell-a-Tale books.  He was one of my early heroes.

It was a special treat when I received a pop-up book as a gift.  They were the equivalent of animation in today's ebooks for kids.  Many of my pop-up books were holiday stories.

Since my mom was a third grade teacher, she kept me supplied in The First Book series that was also popular with her students.  Our son enjoyed them too.  These books were the way children learned facts out of their realm of experience before they went to encyclopedias.  Recently I asked which books my son wanted me to keep and this series was among those he chose.

He also chose to keep the Hardy Boys series.  I grew up with the Hardy Boys, as well as Nancy Drew.  There is no doubt that these sleuths were the early inspiration for my cozy mystery sleuths--Caprice De Luca (Caprice De Luca Home Staging Mysteries) and Daisy Swanson (Daisy's Tea Garden Mysteries).

These books brought back many "golden" memories.  Did you read them too?



Tonette Joyce said...

Oh,I LOVED and still love Little Golden Books. My collection got left behind by a family member in a move when I was grown,which I had read to my nieces. I bought many for my sons, and read those to my grandchildren. My favorite is The Tawny, Scrawny Lion, but I know many others by heart by now!
Another close to my heart was The Wonders of Nature", or as it starts and I called it "Isn't it a wonder..." I saw it in a sop and failed to buy it then, and have been looking for it since; I guess I will have to order it.I also had a number of Little Elf books, which were Rand McNally. My brother bought me a copy of my favorite of those, "The Little Mailman of Bayberryu Lane" when we were grown, and I found a copy of "Surprise for Mrs. Bunny",but alas, those were made of lesser quality paper and they are falling apart, and those are impossible to find online or in used bookshops because they have not lasted.

Paula Carter said...

I loved Little Golden Books. My grandson has quite a collection of both new and old. He also has some newer fancy pop up books. My daughter loved the scratch and sniff books. My favorites growing up as a reader were The Bobbsey Twins and The Boxcar Children. I also loved the animal series by Thornton Burgess.

KRS said...

Many of mine are ragged but I still love them.

KRS said...

All of the books bring back memories.