Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Who Rules Your House?

by Maggie Sefton

I'm back in Northern Virginia, visiting Family and Friends.  I also get some dog time with daughter Christine's family dog, Grayson.  He's grey part pit-bull and Black Lab mix.  He's a real sweetie and very gentle.  He loves to curl up on a sofa cushion beside me and watch while I'm on the Laptop.    

We also have Wrigley who is a Rottweiler and Black Lab mix.  She loves to sleep at my feet with her head on my right foot.  :)  

My friends's Diane & Les have a 16 year old Calico kitty cat.  She still has a huge appetite and is very healthy.  She likes to be outside at night until 10:00pm when the "scary" animals come out.  Christine's  family Kitty is Samantha, all black, and very healthy at two years old.   And she rules the Family Room level.  Don't you love pets?

Do your family pets divide up your house?  Share with us.

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