Thursday, August 1, 2019

Wearing Cats

by Karen Rose Smith

Every time I get dressed to go out--whether it be just to a doctor's appointment or perhaps to a book signing--the last thing I do before leaving the house is to use tape or a lint brush to remove any cat hair that accumulated on my clothing while getting dressed.

Having five inside cats, it is a given that you will be wearing cat hair if you don't remove it.  So my theory is--if I'm going to wear my cats anyway, I might as well do it in style.  Many of my daytime outfits feature cats, whether it is a simple necklace and earrings or a slogan on a T-shirt.  Often these items capture the attention of those I'm around and they make great conversation starters. It doesn't take long to determine if you are speaking to a cat lover.  And they are usually more than willing to share their pet stories with you. 

When my husband was still working, I often gifted him with neckties that had a feline theme.  Since he retired, my gifts switched to T-shirts.  He has become much more involved with our furry family since he is around them all day.  I often try to combine other favorites of his with the feline themes.  Retirement and coffee teamed up well with cats on my most recent finds.  He often returns home from running errands and says that he received a comment on his T-shirt.

I always include Daisy's two felines, Pepper and Marjoram, in my Daisy's Tea Garden Mysteries.  They add dimension to Daisy's home life and give her someone to talk to when she is home alone.  Often they listen as she hashes out clues for the latest mystery that she is trying to solve.  I'm sure there are cat-themed items of clothing hanging in her closet, like her fleece jacket with a cat pattern.

So the next time you are stuck on the perfect gift to buy a cat-loving friend, help them "wear their cats."  It is a gift that will surely be appreciated and worn with pride.

Daisy’s Tea Garden in Pennsylvania’s Amish country is known for its elegant  finger foods—but now owner Daisy Swanson has to finger a killer . . .

Restaurant critic Derek Schumaker, notorious for his bitter reviews, is about to visit Daisy’s Tea Garden, and Daisy and Aunt Iris are simmering with anxiety. A bad word from the culinary curmudgeon could really hurt their business, but Daisy tries to stay confident. After all, how can he resist her cucumber sandwiches with pimento spread—not to mention the cheesy cauliflower soup and strawberry walnut salad?

Schumaker takes a to-go order when the afternoon tea service is done, which Daisy hopes is a good sign. But when he perishes from a seizure, it looks like his food was dosed with something deadly. Considering a threat that recently appeared on his blog—and whispers of scandal in his past—Daisy has quite an assortment of suspects to sift through . . .

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