Monday, August 12, 2019


By Mary Kennedy                                                 

I wonder if I've made the transition from Crazy Cat Lady to Crazy Dog Lady? Some of my neighbors think I have! 

Why? Because I bought a stroller for my grand dog, who's "no spring chicken" (we can't be sure of his age exactly, he's a rescue) and has arthritis in his back legs.

So he tires easily on walks. Lately, he's been sitting down after a couple of blocks and refusing to budge. At first I thought it was the hot weather, but now I see that he is really tuckered out. 

He looks like he's pleading with me not to make him walk any further, so what choice did I have? The poor dog had to take a nap as soon as he got home from a short walk and I tried to walk him early in the day before it got really hot. 

Hence, the stroller! I bought it on amazon and am really happy with it. I can walk Yogi twice a day for about 1.5 miles each time.                               
And he still walks twice a day with his girlfriends. Short walks, morning and evening. Here he is, waiting on the front porch, for the girls to call on him for their regular walk. They cover him him with doggie kisses and treat him like a rock star.

So when a stranger stopped me the other day and said, "What's wrong with your dog? Can't he walk?" I just smiled and said, "Yes, but thank god he doesn't have to!" She may think I'm crazy to have a stroller for the dog, but so be it. He's happy and so am I. 

by Mary Kennedy


Lorraine Bartlett said...

There's a YouTube guy (Nomadic Fanatic) who has a stroller for his 26 lb. cat Jax. He takes Jax out to lunch (bringing a can of food for the little/big guy) while he eats a burger. He's a big guy, so I'm sure nobody gives him any trouble. (But Jax definitely needs to go on a diet.)

Dr. Mary Kennedy said...

What a great idea, Lorraine!! Wow a 26 pound cat is impressive. I've never tried walking the cats. Not a bad idea, though. I probably should have started when they were kittens.