Monday, August 19, 2019

National Radio Day!

By Mary Kennedy                                             

Tomorrow is National Radio Day and of course Dr. Maggie from the Talk Radio Mysteries hopes you plan on celebrating!

Who is Dr. Maggie? Dr. Maggie Walsh is the star of the Talk Radio Mysteries and has an interesting background. She was a licensed psychologist in private practice in Manhattan and suddenly found herself sick of the New York winters and New York real estate prices.

And dare I say it? She finds it tiresome to listen to people's problems all day long. 

What to do? When she sees an ad for a radio talk show host in sunny south Florida she decides to apply. (Think Frasier!)                                         

She and her intrepid pup Pugsley take up a new life in Cypress Grove where she not only hosts a successful radio show but solves a murder in every book (hint: sometimes more than one.)                                                                          

She has the whole wacky cast of WYME-Radio to help her and her mom, Lola, is a major force, too. And on yeah, she falls for a hunky detective, Rafe Martino. (how could she not?)

It's a fun mystery series with 4 titles and more on the way.

A cool book video will introduce you to book 4, A Deadly Fundraiser. .

And here are some links to get you started with Book One, DEAD AIR. 
DEAD AIR. #Kindle US:
Kindle Worldwide:

Happy reading everyone!!!

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