Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Keeping The Old Girl Healthy

by Maggie Sefton

The Old Girl in my post today is my sweet puppy dog Katy, Black Border Collie/Black Lab mix.  Katy just turned 16 years old this week.  She's in really good health and whatever "old age, joint pain" is taken care of with a Vet prescription which Katy takes twice a day.

Her appetite is good and she eats every bite of her dog food each day.  Plus "Doggie Mom" Maggie always finds leftovers from each day's meals that are treats.

Ohhhhhh, if you want a suggestion to entice your doggie or kitty cat to take a daily pill, you might try my solution.  I always buy a rich, yummy special peanut butter because I like it.    That super rich peanut butter makes a perfect disguise for any doggie or kitty pill your pet needs to take.  

I smear about a spoonful of that extra rich peanut butter on the first two or three fingers of my left hand, then I bury the Vet pill inside that enticing blob. I'm sure that the fact that the yummy peanut butter is on my fingers makes it even more attractive to Old Girl Katy.  I'm willing to bet that the same will be true for your pets.

Of course, always have a big bowl of fresh water available for you pet.  Water is still the Magic Elixer and keeps our pets healthy.

By the way-----I've been enjoying the Animal Planet's varied scheduling lately.  These past few weeks, the channel has featured both North Woods Law with the Vermont game wardens and Lone Star Law with the Texas game wardens.  My goodness, those folks meet up with some of the most fascinating situations.

Last week, the game wardens got on their fast boats and zoomed out into one of those large Texas lakes to catch up up fisherman to check if they have up-to-date fishing licenses.  Also----something new to me-----the game wardens also checked in the coolers with the day's "catch."  The wardens had to check that the catch was legal-----both size of the catch but also the type of seafood caught.  It may sound strange that they'd pay that much attention, but it's necessary, otherwise certain fish and/or seafood would be "fished out" within a decade.  


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