Wednesday, August 21, 2019

it ain’t all bad

National Senior Citizen Day. So at what age do you become a senior citizen? 65 when you get Social Security? But then that age is raised to 67 so is it when you turn 67?
And what about being a senior citizen? Are you one? Looking forward to it? Not so much? I am a senior citizen and I sort of like it esp when I get a discount at the drycleaner, theater, gym, Wendy’s special for seniors, etc.

And then there is retirement of which I know nothing. I have two jobs...working at the Snooty Fox and writing. I cannot imagine not having a job or if I didn’t I’d volunteer to save whales or bees or wetlands etc.
I guess the worse part of being a senior is the health issues. I have to confess that I do ache more than I once did but thanks to CBD cream I keep on trucking. I think it’s a real game-change at least for me it is. Makes me be way more active. Not much I can’t do.
I think when you are a senior you have time to do what you want. Kids are grown. That frees up a lot of time and even though I still work it’s not a full time job of 40 hrs. I can take a break from writing and do it at my own pace and make my own hours
I really think that being a senior citizen is life part two. You get to do the things you put off and you do become your own person perhaps now more than ever because you know what you are about and you’re not into impressing anyone. It’s life on your terms. Trust me, getting old isn’t all bad!

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Rachelle21 said...

Especially when you get to spend it with older citizens at a nursing home. Was great to have fun with others.